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 Following your recommandations, coordination of each programme will be conducted by two elected members, one from the community living abroad and  one of the community living in Algeria. Abroad member vote are obviously for diaspora. In fact this process is just to see the profile of the candidates, the election process will be condusted through another application. You’ll see that in some programmes the number of candidates is limited, decision to launch the call of projects will be decided later.  

Food nutrition and Agriculture
Energy efficiency and Mining 
Health and well-being
Water security and scarcity
Digital transformation 
Knowledge economy & Globalisation
Smart cities and IoT
Climate change and major risks
Transport systems & logistics
Social sciences and humanities
The future of education
Innovation and creativity

Steering committee of the taskforce kafaat

And the Ministries..

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community living Abroad
– Ministry of Energy and Mines
– Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
– Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
– Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production
– Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
– Ministry of Public Works and Basic Infrastructure
– Ministry of Health
– Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Startups

With the support of the national public entreprises

CNRST – 46 Boulevard Mohamed V, Alger
DGRSDT – 24 Mohamed Guassem, Alger
LRI-Annaba, Université Badji Mokhtar