Technological Platforms - Microbiology - CRBt

Microbiology platform is dedicated to Research and Development of microorganisms and their secreted molecules for bio-industrial applications; its main missions are:
– Pilot scale biomass production by fermentation;
– Support for the agri-food industry and enhancement of microbial strains and enzymes;
– Bio-control of plant diseases;
– Consolidation of the strains bank and enlargement of the catalog.
The platform includes two laboratories:
I- Microorganisms and Bioprocesses;
II- Mycology.
I- Microorganisms and Bioprocesses Laboratory: designed to meet national and international standards of “Containment level 2” according to the “go-forward” principle. The main areas of this laboratory are:
1 – Laundry room, drying tools and glassware
2 – Culture media preparation room: with all the necessary equipment
3 –Bacteriological manipulations room: a controlled area comprising a workspace equipped with three laminar flow bacteriological (BSL2) hoods, an anaerobic chamber, two fermentors (5L and 15L), a bench lyophilizer, an optical microscope beside an incubation space equipped with several stoves, in addition to a reserved space for genetic material  sequencing equipped with a real time PCR thermal cycler.
4 – Destruction room: reserved for the elimination and destruction of bacterial cultures and samples after use.
5 – Strains room: consists of two refrigerating rooms at temperatures of + 4 ° C and -20 ° C, intended for the preservation of microbial strains.
II Mycology laboratory: specialized in phytopathology and microscopic fungi manipulations, including two compartments:
1- ​​Preparation area: a common space equipped with wet benches for culture media, handling of plants and destruction after use. Containing also a phytoculture enclosure reserved for healthy plants and germination chambers.
2- ​​Manipulation and incubation area: reserved for inoculations, identifications and seeding. Equipped with BLS2 hoods, optical microscope, stereomicroscope, a phytoculture enclosure for inoculated plants and incubators.

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