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A la rubrique « Infrastructures », les fonctionnalités existantes dans le court terme sont :


  • Obtenir un identifiant national
  • Le traitement des procédures relatives aux prestations offertes par le CRAPC, CDTA, CRTI, CRBT et le CRTSE.

Science, Technology & Innovation [Algerian Portal]

What science and technology are, and how  can we improve our capacities to face innovation challenges. We’ll focus mainly on Infrastuctures, Human Capacities and Scientific Cooperation which plays a determining role in economic development.

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Our services in knowledge transfer

We provide a set of services to our scientific partners. To avoid loss of time and money, ask for assistance, we can help by knowledge transfer and by hosting researchers in our research centres et technological platforms.

The three fundamentals pillars in STI Strategy


Scientific infrastructures are  dedicated to training and research. They  are under the supervision of the directorate general for  research and technological development. Explore the equipment and apply for use.

Human Capacities

Targeting knowledge-based economy, needs to  increase researchers and people knowledge not only to bring to the achievement of new research results but also to  the creation of startups and new jobs.

Scientific Cooperation

 The globalization of research has allowed the emergence of national elites at the forefront of knowledge and technological progress. This action has become possible thanks to the rise of  cross border scientific…

Why Scientific Research must be aligned to national
development goals first?

Knowing OUr environment

What good (useful) research is? when policy makers targets sustainable development and the creation of wealth it is essential to know their  own  geographical, biological and human environment. It includes their strengths and weakenesses, experts said.

Learn from value investing

Science realised by thousand of research projects can reveal how to make the best use of the environment where citizens live, of which they live, without destroying the various ecosystems and to adapt, even to create some modern technologies. 

Industry / university Teaming

Bridging the gap between academic research and industry needs is essential. Unsuccessful attempts  or lack of confidence from industry are common in developping countries. Academics have a responsability to go further and ensure that they are available.

Prof. AOURAG Hafid – Director General
Scientific Research and Technological Development.

Is there a Crisis of Confidence in Research?

The Algerian brainpower  is craved at the international level. Unfortunately, it is not even known or valued at the local level. I do not just talk about our diaspora abroad. but of those who live with us and make their  market like all citizens “.. Prof Aourag said.
Very little has been said or publicized about many Algerian talents. It is  the duty and the responsibility of the media and the public authorities  to trust in national human capacities and to involve them in in development projects and the governance of the cities.

Setting-up the three main instruments to promote STI, advance the entrepreneurship agenda and create new jobs.


An Incubator help creative graduates to put the ideas into market by providing them with many kind of support and services. Nine incubators are under creation in universities with facilities for training entrepreneurship and  to mentor .


Fab Labs

A Fab lab is a  place where it is made available all kinds of tools, including machine tools controlled by computer, for the design and implementation of objects. Twenty five Fab Labs are implemented in universities, some are not still equipped.



Competitions are a well known process for finding ideas and solutions in a specific domain. It promotes an interdisciplinary approach, bringing graduates to develop their creativity with the help of  expert mentors. Eleven (11) challenges were organised in 2019.


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On Emerging Technologies ..

Artificial Intelligence market worth  $190.61 Billion by 2025, and will contribute to the global GDP by nearly 25.5% of about $13 Trillion in the future. To benefit from this advantage and join the worldwide AI national programmes,   the minister of higher education and scientific research launched  the Algerian strategic plan, on 1-2 december 2019, at Constantine.


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