Algerian working groups for science technology and innovation

There exists an authentic paradigm shift regarding the involvement
of our experts, entrepreneurs and talents

to stimulate Algeria’s economic and technological development.

Priority programs and targeted issues




Food Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture

The research objectives relate to the improvement of the productivity of production systems, the development of appropriate technologies aimed at the intensification of production systems and agro-food sectors, genetic improvement and phyto and zoosanitary protection, the control of drought through the rationalization of irrigation practices and the genetic pathway for the adaptation of plant species to drought conditions, control of irrigation and salinity resources.

Health and Well-being

The emergence of various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, different forms of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, require medical research oriented towards the identification of new therapeutic strategies with a view to improving diagnoses, and preventive strategies through the development of vaccines and tests. The covid-19 pandemic has exposed the inadequacies and gaps that need to be filled to prevent health crises, often limited by the absence of chemical reagents and data management.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Algeria intends to position itself as a major player in the production of electricity from the photovoltaic and wind sectors by integrating biomass, cogeneration, geothermal energy and solar thermal energy. These energy sectors will be the engines of sustainable economic development capable of driving a new model of economic growth. The national potential in renewable energies being strongly dominated by solar power, Algeria considers this energy as  a lever for economic and social development.

Water security

The research objectives relate to the development of techniques for mobilizing water resources (construction of dams and hydraulic structures), the maintenance and operation of dams (monitoring, desilting), integrated management of water resources by basin hydrographic, the mobilization of unconventional water resources through the desalination of sea water, the promotion of techniques for protecting water resources through different forms of purification.

The taskforce for the country’s economic,  and technological development aims to streamline the mechanisms to facilitate the contribution of Algerian competences to economic growth and the citizens well-being.

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