Technological Platforms - In-Vitro plant culture - CRBt

In Vitro Plant Culture Platform” comprises various areas with different specifications and containment levels. Its main missions are:
– Crops sanitation (virus-free plants);
– Biological resources conservation;
– Varietal creation;
– Establishment and standardization of plant growing systems (grown crops and medicinal plants).
The platform respects the principle of “go-forward”, including:
Culture media preparation room: disposed with the necessary material for the preparation, sterilization and conservation of culture media as well as working tools.
Transfer room: equipped with three independent horizontal laminar flow hoods; each with two workstations, where the temperature is fixed  23 °C.
Culture rooms:  The three are Containment level 2; each equipped with its own automatic control system of temperature, light intensity and photoperiod. All rooms have shelves adapted to the needs of users.
Acclimatization rooms: two rooms; each with six shelves, automatic control of humidity, temperature, light intensity and photoperiod.
Controlled glasshouse: with an area of 184 m² separated into two parts, the first one dedicated to the healthy crops and the second one to the experiments on the pathogens of cultivated plants.

CNRST - 46 Boulevard Mohamed V, Alger
DGRSDT - 24 Mohamed Guassem, Alger
LRI-Annaba, Université Badji Mokhtar