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Electromechanical Microsystems Platform (MEMS)

The main mission of the MEMS Micro-electro-mechanical systems Platform is the manufacture of MEMS devices such as sensors and actuators. This involves the support of techniques related to micro-fabrication and characterization of MEMS devices, including prototyping, specific characterization of microstructures, design, and assistance. The current activity includes all the techniques used for the realization of micro-devices according to the equipment currently available, as well as different requests for the use of the platform equipment.

The devices and techniques involved in the implementation at the platform level are:

  • Realization of basic MEMS structures,
  • Deposition of sensitive layers for gas ,
  • Realization of interdigitated comb devices,
  • Realization of micro-fluidic devices ,
  • Electrodeposition for MEMS structures,
  • Wet and electrochemical etching of silicon substrates.

Services offerered in the platform:


  • Deposition of thin layers as Electrochemical thin film deposition, Spray thin layers deposition and Wet or dry oxidation; with other possibilities to aannealing, drying or crystallization samples in quartz tubes under vacuum or controllable gaseous environment.
  • Space for work, cleaning and wet etch, characterization of the physical parameters (weighing, dosing, etc.),
  • Electrochemical characterization.
  • Photolithography and thickness measurement.
  • Electronics test equipment area

DEKTAK IIA Thickness measurement

Light optical microscopes

Electrochemical measurements 

chemical equipments  

Space for work and sorbone hoods     

electronic equipments and worktables

CNRST - 46 Boulevard Mohamed V, Alger
DGRSDT - 24 Mohamed Guassem, Alger
LRI-Annaba, Université Badji Mokhtar