CDTA Technology Platform: Micro-fabrication of VLSI integrated circuits

CMOS Technology process 

It is a common service platform, with a surface area of 470 m² of class 10 (ISO 4), using a 1µm CMOS technological process, with a micro-fabrication capacity of more than 100,000 1µm CMOS chips per year and an opportunity to produce MEMS components. On May 31, 2016, this platform was approved and certified.

The platform is a limited edition prototyping and fabrication service for CMOS and MEMS-based components,  using a 1µm CMOS technology process, with a micro-fabrication capacity of more than 100,000 chips per year.

The platform provides access including both the use of equipment for fabrication and characterization, as well as staff training services and scientific support in the realization of “nanomicroelectronic visions.

The Technology Platform is organized into four sections: (1) Process section, (2) Printed Circuit Prototyping Section, (3) Analogue Digital & Microelectromechanical System Design Section, (4) Maintenance and industrial safety section.

Some Process facilities among others:

Dry Etching

The equipment is capable of etching materials (deposited on 150 mm wfers) that react with fluorinated and chlorinated gases.

Wet etching and Cleaning

Manufactured in stainless steel, material resistant to attacks by organic solvents the equipment allows the removal of photoresist, etching of polymers, polyamides and organic contaminants by solvents.

Dicing and packaging Wafers

  • Wafers dicing
  • integrated circuits packaging  
  • Ball-bounding (connections between the chip and the package)


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

 – FTIR spectrum measurement
– Max diameter 150mm
– Maximum sample Thickness : 5mm.

Ellipsometric measurement

 Ellipsometry is a non-intrusive optical characterization technique for thickness measurement and thin films optical properties (refractive indices).

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

SEM can be used to examine the surface details of solid materials. Internal surfaces can be exposed by cutting or fracturing. 

Cleanroom Services Section:

The development, testing and production of electronic components require know-how and expertise that the Microfabrication Technology Platform (MTP) wishes to make available to customers. The MTP is a joint research service that pools micro-fabrication resources at the national level and carries out activities to produce integrated circuits, microsystems and sensors. Indeed, the platform offers a wide range of services and also participates in the deployment of VLSI tools to universities in order to promote microelectronics training at the national level by setting up an ecosystem in this discipline.

Our knowledge and our cleanroom allow you to carry out projects based on a few steps to the realization of a complete circuit in CMOS 1-µm technology including Dicing and assembly. Get an idea of the expertise of our platform by consulting the list of quality services under a cleanroom environment controlled in temperature, humidity and pressure.

Maintenance and Industrial  Safety Section:

The mission of the maintenance and industrial safety department is to guarantee the operation of production capacities, the safety of people and equipment. This section aims to :

  • Prevent and ensure the safety of personnel, facilities and the environment,
  • Monitor regulatory developments in terms of health and safety and establish a safety culture within the structure.
  • Enforce safety regulations
  • Ensure the maintenance of production facilities and equipment.
  • Guarantee and optimize facilities and tools by focusing on investment decisions.
  • Implement a preventive maintenance policy
  • Manage the activity of the maintenance department (monitoring of dashboards, reporting, etc.)
  • Coordinate the actions with providers.
  • Monitor and estimate the daily consumption of the necessary products
  • Provide technical assistance for customers to solve technical problems.

CNRST - 46 Boulevard Mohamed V, Alger
DGRSDT - 24 Mohamed Guassem, Alger
LRI-Annaba, Université Badji Mokhtar