Technological Platforms - Pharmacotoxicology - CRBt

The Platform is dedicated to the implementation and development of in-vitro tests; allowing the evaluation of the biological activities of natural or synthetic compounds with therapeutic potential or other interests. It offers a wide, varied and adaptable range of tests; from (bio)chemical tests to cell based assays (healthy and tumor cell-lines, primary cells).
Antioxidant Activities (96 well plate)
  • DPPH assay 
  • ABTS scavenging assay 
  • Cupric reducing antioxidant capacity (CUPRAC) 
  • β-carotene linoleic acid bleaching assay 
  • Reducing power assay 
  • Superoxide radical scavenging assay by alkaline D
  • Ferrous ions chelating assays
  • Hydroxyl radical scavenging assay
  • Hydrogen peroxide activity
  • Phenanthroline assay
  • Copper chelating activity (CCA)
  • Superoxyde radical scavenging (Pyrogallol)
  • Galvinoxyl radical (GOR) scavenging assay
  • Silver nanoparticle SNP method
  • PRAC assay
  • Total Phenol, Flavonoids and Flavonol
  • Total Tannin
Enzymatic activities (96 well plate)
  • Anticholinesterase assay (AChE and  BChE)
  • Tyrosinase activity
  • α-amylase activity
  • α-glucosidase activity
  • Urease activity
  • Anti-browning activity
Cell based assay (96-well plate)
  • Antiproliferative potency evaluation
  • Cytotoxicity evaluation
  • Cell viability evaluation (MTT test, XTT test …)
  • Apoptotic power assessment
Other activities (96 well plate)
  • Cytotoxic activity using Brine shrimp
  • Anti-inflammatory activity 
  • Phytotoxicity bioassay 
  • Sun protection factor (SPF) activity 

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